Jaytech, Inc. is one of the largest and most innovative independent water management solution providers in the United States. Established in 1977, our mission has been to maintain efficiency and longevity of water-using heating and cooling equipment for industrial, process, commercial, and institutional interests.   Over the years as the water treatment industry has evolved, our emphasis has come to focus on safety including full facility waterborne pathogen testing and audits as well as solid chemistries.

We have always maintained our corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota however; we have several offices throughout the central U.S. as well as our main production facility in St. Louis, MO.  This allows us to support our customers by managing a highly-trained team of Jaytech solution engineers uniquely experienced in water treatment options for each unique application.

Jaytech, Inc. has built its business on trust, skill, innovation, and decades of experience providing comprehensive water management solutions to our valued customers. These solutions include: traditional water treatment programs, solid chemical water treatment programs, legionella risk assessments, indoor air quality and hygiene remediation solutions for the “built environment” as well as process water management and consulting for reduction/recycle/reuse projects. We provide solutions to meet facilities’ water-related needs both domestic and process–from influent to effluent!

Jaytech, Inc. is a responsible and environmentally mindful organization committed to the conscientious implementation of the water management solutions we employ. Our solutions are designed to maximize energy efficiency and manage water resources for the benefit of our customers. We accomplish this through the use of responsible chemistries and various “green” technologies. We further design our solutions to follow the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care Program Guidelines and Principles because we believe that part of our service to our customers is to do the right thing from a health, safety and environmental perspective.

Our solutions for managing water system concerns are comprehensive. Often, water issues require the application of specialty treatment chemicals. Jaytech is proud that our manufacturing facility and suppliers throughout the country produce several hundred innovative chemical water treatment products; standard Jaytech formulas as well as custom-blended products for one-off applications. Our production includes powdered and liquid products, innovative technologies, and our incredibly popular solid chemical water treatments. Jaytech can provide the exact chemical formulation to meet your specific need.

Jaytech Water Management Solutions provides consulting, engineering and professional assessments as well as rapid response, hands-on maintenance and, most importantly, practical problem solving to ensure our clients enjoy trouble-free operating conditions. It is Jaytech’s dedication to applying the precise water management solution to each customer’s specific need throughout a facility that has given Jaytech the reputation as a leader in water management solutions for over 30 years!

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Association of Water Technologies
U.S. Green Building Council
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