Jaytech is proud to announce its partnership with Evapco as an official Water Treatment Partner. To our customers, this means Evapco has vetted and chosen Jaytech to manage their factory mounted treatment solutions within a designated territory.

A Global Leader in heat transfer products, Evapco recognizes the importance of consistent and proper condenser water treatment. The performance of condenser water treatment systems is often largely dependent on the efforts of regional water treatment professionals. Evapco’s Water Treatment Partner Program is designed to partner with high-quality water treatment companies such as Jaytech, Inc.

Our role as an official Water Treatment Partner is to support the evaporative condensers, cooling towers, and fluid coolers water treatment needs in order to maintain safe and efficient operation as well as extending the service life of the equipment. We are responsible for routine monitoring and service of Evapco’s Water Treatment Systems located within our territory as well as maintaining each system within an appropriate standard of care.

The Jaytech Evapco partnership is almost a perfect match as the goals of both companies’ water treatment solutions are parallel. These goals include providing user friendly and safety conscious water treatment options. Also, we wish to minimize chemical use while still maintaining clean systems and low corrosion rates. This partnership offers extensive resources from Evapco to ALL JAYTECH CUSTOMERS, not just those that implement Evapco treatment or cooling equipment. These resources come through our close, personal relationship with Evapco corporate and their network of local equipment and service providers.

Evapco currently offers two, factory mounted, treatment options Smart Shield and Pulse Pure.

Smart Shield

Pulse Pure® Non-Chemical Water Treatment

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Association of Water Technologies
U.S. Green Building Council
Energy Star