Legionella Position Statement

Jaytech, Inc. Position Statement – Legionella & Legionellosis

Jaytech, Inc. makes the following recognition and position statements regarding Legionnaires’ disease, water treatment and related practices of water treatment specialists. They are based on the significant and prevailing information from ASHRAE, CDC, CTI, EPA, OSHA, the medical community, leading experts and other authoritative agencies that study, investigate and deal with Legionella and Legionellosis.

  • Jaytech, Inc. recognizes the potential hazard for Legionella contamination in cooling towers and evaporative condensers, as well as other water systems and water disseminating devices or equipment that may or may not be a part of water treatment programs.
  • Jaytech, Inc. supports that prudent operational and water treatment practices for cooling towers, evaporative condensers and other recirculating water systems, are consistent with reducing Legionella contamination within them and include:
  • Corrosion, scale and deposit control programs that promote operational efficiency and system cleanliness and reduce microorganism-breeding areas.
  • Dispersant, biodispersant and antifoulant programs that reduce biofilm, sludge, debris and dirt accumulations – that further reduce microorganism-breeding areas.
  • Biocide programs, including oxidizing and non-oxidizing treatments that are applied per proper labeling, to control microbiological growth and proliferation.
  • Maintaining best available mist elimination technology in evaporative systems and eliminating or minimizing stagnant (dead-leg) zones and areas.
  • A minimum annual (twice annual preferred) thorough wash-out and cleaning of cooling towers and evaporative condenser cooling water systems – including an oxidizing disinfection before and after each cleaning.
  • Jaytech, Inc. supports that the microbiology and environmental ecology of Legionella includes many variables that determine organism virulence and survival, disease transmission and contraction, and human host susceptibility. And, even prudently applied water treatment programs cannot guarantee 100% Legionella eradication or disease prevention.
  • Jaytech, Inc. supports the sampling and testing for Legionella in cooling towers, evaporative condensers and other water systems appropriately risk-assessed and evaluated to pose disease risk.  Specifically, targeted systems include those that have a likelihood of harboring Legionella and/or pose an increased risk of transmission to populations of at-risk hosts. Monitoring for Legionella within a facility may also be appropriate or required to:
  • Verify the effectiveness of water treatment protocols,
  • Evaluate potential LD transmission sources,
  • Verify the effectiveness of Legionella decontamination procedures,
  • Test within certain healthcare facilities that have patients at high risk for LD.
  • Jaytech, Inc. supports that Legionella sampling and testing should be considered for all potential Legionella-source water systems.  An ultimate decision to test or not should be determined and based upon an assessment and review of the specific water system (site and operations) for LD risks. This includes understanding relevant facts on Legionella sampling and testing, Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease, and having an action plan for test results.  Accordingly, Jaytech, Inc. does not recommend the routine sampling and testing of all systems without appropriate assessments.
  • Jaytech, Inc. will continue to investigate and evaluate, as well as promote and report, the latest findings, research and technologies relevant to the control of Legionella and the prevention of Legionnaires’ disease.  This includes independent research, as well as liaison and joint exchanges with government agencies, other organizations, associations, and related professional entities.
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