Cooling Tower Water Treatment

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Water Treatment Guide for Cooling Towers

What is Cooling Tower Water Treatment?  

Open recirculating systems (cooling towers, fluid coolers, evaporative condensers, etc) have multiple water treatment needs.  Heat transfer surfaces are susceptible to corrosion, fouling, microbial excursions, and scale deposits. Cooling Tower Water Treatment creates an inhospitable environment that deters and stops these threats.


How often should I test my Cooling Tower System Water?  

Ideally, an on-site operator should check several water treatment parameters daily.  Your water treatment provider should generally conduct a monthly on-site check-in to ensure your chemical feed automation is working properly, and the program is consistent and effective with your water treatment needs. 


Why is Cooling Tower Water Treatment important? 

Proper cooling tower water treatment will ensure peak heat transfer.  Additives are necessary to mitigate mineral deposits from forming, control corrosion, and disperse organic and inorganic deposits.  Additionally, microorganisms can thrive in open recirculating systems.  Special care must be taken to stop microbial growth.  Microbial growth mitigation is especially important as various types of organisms can insulate heat transfer surfaces and cause drastic corrosion in relatively short amounts of time. 


How does Cooling Tower Water Treatment benefit my system overall?  

In the short term, proper cooling tower water treatment will lead to peak heat transfer efficiency.  This allows your systems to consume the least amount of energy possible, saving you overhead costs on energy consumption that accompanies poor heat transfer efficiency.  Long term, proper cooling tower water treatment will help you recognize the longest possible service life out of your capital equipment by reducing metal loss through corrosion.  Unfortunately, we have been called in to review many noncustomers’ cooling tower systems and have found many cooling tower systems with inadequate or nonexistent water treatment programs. Many times, the cooling tower system needs to be replaced just a few years after installation, a drastically shorter lifetime than intended upon investment for these companies. Additionally, proper cooling tower water treatment will allow you to optimize the water use of your open recirculating systems.


What are some signs that my Cooling Tower is in trouble? 

Obvious signs of cooling tower system stress are biofilms and corrosion products that are apparent to the naked eye. This might look like a buildup of corrosion or an opaque green water color. You may also notice reduced heat transfer efficiency (delta T) across your heat exchange surfaces or cooling tower and higher utility bills.  Approach temperatures may vary. 


What can go wrong if I don’t have a Cooling Tower Water Treatment program?  

Ignoring cooling tower water treatment can result in the reduced service life of capital equipment, increased maintenance costs, unplanned outages due to clogged heat transfer surfaces, and/or Legionella outbreaks. 


How do I come back from bad or nonexistent Cooling Tower Water Treatment?

Depending on the health of your cooling tower system, there may be a chance to remedy the damage done. If the issue has been mineral scale accumulation, there are several acid products that can partially or completely remove scale.  Mechanical removal may also be necessary. Corrosion issues may also require chemical or mechanical cleaning. 


If the issue is microbiological excursions, these can generally be treated chemically.  There are long term and short-term chemical solutions to mitigate current and future microbial growth.  Long term, the correct water treatment program (to include automation) may need to be upgraded. 


Why should I trust Jaytech with my Cooling Tower Systems? 

For over 45 years Jaytech has been a leader in our industry. We have been consulting on passivation and water treatment plans to help our customers realize efficiency and longevity in their water systems.

Jaytech is the official EVAPCO partner in the Midwest. EVAPCO is one of the most commercially used providers of galvanized towers and fluid coolers and they trust Jaytech to handle all their towers throughout our region.

Jaytech leads the water treatment industry with the most CWTs, the most highly qualified education for water treatment. There is no one more qualified to design a water treatment plan for you.

1.  45-year track record.

2. Official EVAPCO partners in the Midwest

3. Jaytech offers more CWT specially qualified Reps.

Patricia Kovacich

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