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  • Industrial Water Treatment

    Steam Boiler Water Treatment, Cooling Tower Water Treatment, Chiller Water Treatment, Closed Loop Water Treatment, Water Analysis & Consulting, Water Treatment Equipment, and More.

    Delivering the test results you need, longevity of equipment life, and professional water treatment. To get started request a free survey and water system assessment. 

The Outcomes You Need.

Mechanical Contractors & Engineering Firms

We provide an attention to detail and level of professionalism that you need from your water treatment provider. We know that when we do our job well, it makes you look good. 

Manufacturing Facilities

Jaytech works alongside your team year round to meet your water treatment needs. We understand why you don't want downtime due to water treatment failure or increased operating expenses from an inefficient water treatment plan.. Welcome to worry-free water treatment at Jaytech.

Healthcare Facilities

Your critical equipment and applications are our top priority.  Jaytech has invested in cutting edge technology to deliver rapid qPCR testing to our customers because we know cutting testing time from 3 weeks to 3 days has a major impact on the accuracy and solution to Legionella incidents.


We Handle It All.

Steam Boiler Water Treatment

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Chemical Water Treatment

Laboratory Services

Closed Loop Water Treatment

Water Treatment Equipment 

Let's Get Started.

Working with Jaytech is easy.

Start with a complimentary consultation and full assessment of your water treatment needs. One of our experts will visit your facility and assess the scope of work. Our team will review every detail of your service areas in person.

Within 24 to 48 hours our full assessment and recommendations will be emailed to you for review. Our experts then schedule a time to come back on site to walk you through the assessments explaining the what, why, and how.

We offer our customers contract pricing for convenience and cost savings. Many of our customers choose our Pay as You Go services. We know your needs are unique so we want to give you the products and services you need in the way that makes life easiest for you. 

"Jaytech is the water treatment company relationship you need for a unique customized treatment plan. With our experts and resources Jaytech constructs an efficient, comprehensive, and effective water treatment plan based on your individual needs. Our dedication to service and professionalism shows as we educate, prepare, and support our clients. We are equipped to service any emergency on site with the tools and cutting-edge industry technology, often recognizing and solving issues before they arise."



The Savings You'll See.

If you can save money we will find it.

At Jaytech we prioritize educating our customers on efficiency and safety. If your water treatment plan is not appropriate or efficient it can cause safety issues. We want to help all of our customers have a safe work environment. An efficient system will save you money in so many areas. Oftentimes we can put an end to replacing your critical equipment early and noticeably reduce paying for excess water usage through proper water treatment and innovative products and testing procedures. Get started with a comprehensive consultation.

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