Secondary Chemical Containment Tanks

01.11.23 11:48 PM Comment(s) By Patricia Kovacich

Safety, Efficiency, & Code Compliance With Secondary Chemical Containment Tanks.

What is a Secondary Chemical Containment Tank?  

The purpose of a secondary chemical containment tank is to provide safe chemical storage.  Secondary chemical containment tanks come in a wide variety shapes and sizes.  Tanks can be single walled or dual-walled for improved safety.  Often, hygiene requirements will stipulate a dual-walled tank, or some secondary system such as a spill containment pallet.  There are many options available. 

How do you install a Secondary Chemical Containment Tank? 

Secondary chemical containment tanks are very easy to install. The tanks can simply be placed near your chemical feed application at a convenient location. You can mount chemical pumps to the top of these tanks freeing up space and shortening distance for the chemical to travel from tank to pump.


What are the benefits of a Chemical Containment Tank? 

First, the most important benefit of a chemical containment tank is safety.  A good containment vessel will be dual-walled to prevent chemical leaks. 


Second, secondary containment tanks assist with inventory management.  Chemical tanks come in many shapes and sizes, so you can get a tank that will hold enough chemical between service visits from your Jaytech water treatment professional. 

Third, secondary chemical containment vessels have built-in pump shelves for optional quick and easy attachment of your chemical metering pumps.  These tanks provide a tidy location for the pump.  Additionally, locating your pump on the chemical tank reduces the length of the suction tube which helps the pump work as designed.


Finally, secondary chemical containment tanks help with inventory control. When chemical is running low at an inconvenient time, such as the Friday before a long weekend, these tanks can be refilled or topped off alleviating the worry that they might run out over the weekend.

What options are available for Chemical Containment Tanks? 

There are many manufacturers of secondary chemical containment vessels.  Let Jaytech help you pick the best one for your chemical feed application. 

Patricia Kovacich

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