Steam Boiler Water Treatment

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Water Treatment Guide for Steam Boilers

What is Steam Boiler Water Treatment? 

Steam boilers are complex heat transfer systems that require chemical treatment at various points.  Oxygen scavengers, internal treatment and condensate additives constitute a standard tripartite program. Whether you prefer to use tannins, filming-forming amines or other traditional chemistries, Jaytech designs chemical programs targeted at passivation for your metal surfaces and protect your capital equipment. 


How often should I test my Steam Boiler? 

Steam boilers should be tested at least daily by an on-site boiler operator to ensure your Jaytech-designed chemical water treatment program is operating as designed.  Your Jaytech Water Management specialist will perform a monthly onsite customer check-in while in operation.  Additionally, we can help train your on-site boiler operators and design data logs to ensure your chemical treatment program runs as desired.


Why is Steam Boiler Water Treatment important? 

Steam boilers are susceptible to many problems associated with varying water quality. Good chemical treatment programs will help you save money by reducing fuel and maintenance costs. Steam boiler systems and their heat transfer surfaces must be protected from oxygen pitting, deposition, corrosion, caustic embrittlement, carryover, etc. Condensate piping and steam traps must be protected from the effects of carbonic acid corrosion.


How does Steam Boiler Water Treatment benefit my system overall? 

Save money by reducing fuel costs with clean heat transfer surfaces.  Clean, dry, iron-free steam does not contaminate process equipment or product. Good water treatment is part of reducing carbon emission. As Federal and State requirements push towards Net Zero, proper water treatment can help reduce carbon emissions by increasing heat transfer efficiency resulting in less water wasted and energy and resources used to generate heat.


What are some signs that my Steam Boiler System is in trouble? 

Water treatment equipment failure, poor chemical inventory management, pretreatment failures, increasing stack temperatures, increased fuel, or water usage, failing tubes, failing heat exchangers, or process contamination can all be signs of a problem with your Steam Boiler System.


What can go wrong if I don’t have Steam Boiler Water Treatment? 

Excessive water and fuel usage, tube/heat exchanger, steam trap failures requiring unplanned maintenance costs, process contamination, HVAC system failure, process failure will all result from lack of proper water treatment. Failure to address these problems will lead to significantly early failure of your capital equipment. Increased carbon emissions from declining heat transfer efficiency bill also occur from inadequate or nonexistent steam boiler water treatment.


How do I come back from bad or nonexistent water treatment in my Steam Boiler? 

New steam boiler systems should receive a boil-out at the beginning of their service life.  Running a boiler for a period of time without chemical treatment may require an acid cleaning to fully recover.  Often, we can simply put a good chemical program in place and recover boiler efficiency over time.  For help with any of these situations you will need to contact a professional experienced water treatment provider. The first step is to have your system surveyed


Why should I trust Jaytech with my Steam Boiler Systems? 

For over 45 years Jaytech has been a leader in our industry. In that time, we have been consulting on steam boiler systems and steam boiler water treatment plans to help our customers realize efficiency and longevity in their water systems. We have also commissioned and recovered hundreds of systems.


Jaytech is on the cutting edge of innovation in water treatment. Our wide variety of product offerings lends itself to giving our customers a personalized custom water treatment plan like no other water treatment company can. We have created customizable blends of traditional chemicals, ultra concentrates, and solid chemistries. Coupled with our local hands-on approach, Jaytech has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in water treatment.


Jaytech leads the water treatment industry with the most CWTs, the most highly qualified education for water treatment. There is no one more qualified to design a water treatment plan for you. 


1. 45-year track record.

2. Extensive customizable water treatment chemicals.

3. Jaytech offers more CWT specially qualified Reps.

Patricia Kovacich

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