Cooling Tower Shut Down

31.08.23 02:38 PM Comment(s) By Patricia Kovacich

What to Keep in Mind to Avoid Corrosion, While Shutting Down Your Cooling Tower.

In the realm of efficient industrial facility management, the transition from active operations to seasonal dormancy requires meticulous planning and execution. One critical aspect that demands particular attention is the layup of cooling tower systems. Executing a proper layup procedure helps mitigate the harmful effects of corrosion, scale formation, and fouling that can compromise operational integrity and longevity of your heat transfer equipment. Corrosion specifically can be quite bad during idle periods as the metal surfaces can be exposed to oxygenated water where there's no biocide or inhibition control. The water treatment experts at Jaytech are here to help you mitigate the harmful effects of a poor shutdown procedure like in the photo below.

To properly layup a  system for the wintertime, a layup procedure must be coordinated and performed each fall with the system down. The layup process will involve reducing load on the system and feeding Jaytech additives to help reduce fouling and microbial activity to metal surfaces can be passivated”

Our procedure and chemicals will help to cleanse the system of particulate matter and corrosion by-products that have formed during the  season by penetrating the accumulated masses and dispersing them With clean metal surfaces, a passivated layer can then be formed to reduce oxidation during the idle period. When the system is started again the water-soluble emulsion will be washed away in the bulk water without threat of fouling the heat exchange or filtration equipment.


With the tower shut down, mechanical or maintenance staff can now manually service the by washing it out, cleaning strainers, spray nozzles, etc.… The system will now be ready for next cooling season.

If you have further questions or would like help preparing your cooling tower for the off season, we are here to help!

Patricia Kovacich

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