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Upgrade to Remote Monitoring and 
Start Solving Issues Before You Know About Them.

What is Remote Monitoring?  

With Remote monitoring all the functions of your water treatment controller are conveniently available online.  Remote monitoring brings you Web-based access to data logs, the ability to adjust your chemical water treatment programs, real-time readings, and more. Anything that can be done in person can now be done online away from the actual systems on a computer or your cellphone with remote monitoring. 


How do I set up Remote Monitoring?  

Remote monitoring is a service associated with your steam boiler water treatment or cooling tower water treatment controller.  These remote monitoring automation systems can be enabled through cellular access, CAT5, with Wi-Fi, BACNET, and MODBUS which will enable internet access. Your dedicated Jaytech rep is ready to assist you and provide guidance and support throughout the entire process.


What controllers offer Remote Monitoring? 

Currently, most leading equipment manufacturers offer remote monitoring options. At Jaytech, we stand out by offering a wide array of off-the-shelf controller possibilities. These controllers can be equipped with online monitoring capabilities or easily upgraded to include them.


Is Remote Monitoring worth the cost? 

Remote monitoring may be available to you at little or no cost.  Remote monitoring hardware upgrades exist for most current-generation controllers and usually only incur a one-time startup cost.  If it is necessary to get a cellular plan, a persistent subscription similar to any cell phone may be necessary.  Wi-Fi, BACNET, CAT5 access would all be free of charge once the device is online. 


What are the benefits of remote monitoring?  

Remote monitoring comes with a host of benefits. Remote monitoring gives you easy Web-access to diagnostic info, critical graphs, chemical dosage monitoring, water usage trend reporting, probe analysis and alert failure, chemical containment tank levels, and more. Remote monitoring allows you to set email alerts and alarms, allowing you or your Jaytech rep to quickly resolve issues, many times from off-site.

What can go wrong if I don’t have Remote Monitoring?  

Without remote monitoring, systems can scale, biological growth and loss of heat transfer efficiency can occur, and it may take longer to notice. Often, your water treater will be the only person who checks on these controllers during on-site visits.  Online remote monitoring will allow you or your rep to review controllers more often from anywhere. With the ability to automate alerts for trouble signs you can become more responsive to your system’s needs in real time.  This can go a long way in helping optimize your time as you spend time looking at equipment only when it demands your attention.


Why should I trust Jaytech with my Remote Monitoring Systems? 

For over 45 years Jaytech has been a leader in our industry. We have been consulting on water treatment to help our customers realize efficiency and longevity in their water systems. We have commissioned and recovered hundreds of systems during that time.


Jaytech is on the cutting edge of innovation in water treatment. Our wide variety of product offerings lends itself to giving our customers a personalized custom water treatment plan like no other water treatment company can. We have created customizable blends of traditional chemicals, ultra concentrates, and solid chemistries. Coupled with our local hands-on approach, Jaytech has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in water treatment.


Jaytech leads the water treatment industry with the most CWTs, the most highly qualified education for water treatment. There is no one more qualified to design a water treatment plan for you. 


1. 45-year track record.

2. Extensive customizable water treatment chemicals.

3. Jaytech offers more CWT specially qualified Reps.

Patricia Kovacich

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