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Analysis & Testing

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Our In-House Lab

Better Service Through Better Science

We saw an opportunity to better serve our customers by creating in-house laboratory services. As Jaytech grows so has the need to expand our laboratory offerings. In 2022 it became clear, it was time to take our lab to the next level and Brothers Laboratory Services was formed. 

The next best thing we could offer our customers, after top quality water treatment, was a dependable lab to compliment the growing needs of the water treatment industry. Creating a 3rd party unbiased lab gives our customers unparalleled ease, rapid response time, and unique control over test results reactions. Brothers Laboratory has grown and continues to embrace new testing technologies as the needs of our customers grow.

The Science Behind Water Treatment

Laboratory Testing Capabilities

If you need a water treatment service test, we offer turnkey solutions. For a full list of our laboratory capabilities, request our chain of custody:

Continually Expanding Our Capabilities To Meet Your Needs


Precision and science coming together to provide superior water treatment service.

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Our in-house lab caters to the needs and timelines of our clients.

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