Sample Coolers

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The Powerful Yet Simple Sample Cooler. 
Get Safer and More Accurate Test Results.

What is a Sample Cooler?   

A sample cooler is a small heat exchanger that allows water samples to be safely withdrawn from high temperature or pressure applications.  Typical systems that utilize the sample cooler areboilers, closed loops, and condensate returns. The hot sample flows through a coil while cold water is routed counterflow over the outside of the coils. This allows for safe handling of hot, pressurized water and steam, but also has the added benefit of providing a sample that is representative for testing purposes. 


How do you install a Sample Cooler?  

Sample coolers can be installed at a convenient location and need to be appropriately sized for your application. They require a cold-water source and drain. Since the cold water comes in contact with very hot samples, if possible, consider routing soft water through the cold side.


What are the benefits of a Sample Cooler?  

First and foremost, safety. Sample coolers help you extract samples from boilers, steam condensate systems, and hot water boilers in a safe manner. The sample is cooled and condensed by the time it reaches the hands of the operator, reducing the risk of burns and other injuries. The added benefit is that sample coolers also offer the best way to take a representative sample. Hot, pressurized water and steam can flash off important additives, change pH and change their concentration of dissolved gases if not properly cooled. These are the actual parameters we are often seeking to address, so sample coolers are important indeed.  


How does a Sample Cooler operate?  

The hot sample flows through the interior of the coil. Cold water flushes through in a counter-low direction and condenses/cools the sample prior to it exiting the system and being exposed to the ambient atmosphere.

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Patricia Kovacich

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