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LEED Credits with Jaytech

We believe in leaving things better than how we found them, Integrity is one of our values and it shows in our clean energy efforts. By focusing on water conservation and efficiency we not only save our clients money, but we leave the world a better, greener place. 

Our unique product lines, inn...

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Evaporation Credits
Looking to save money and reduce your water usage numbers? Looking for additional LEED credits? Evaporation credits may be an easy win you could be taking advantage of.
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Achieving Sustainability Through Industrial Water Treatment Solutions.
Our team of experts always strives for system efficiency, ensuring that our water treatment solutions not only meet the highest quality standards to save you money but also help preserve the environment.
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Cooling Tower Start Up Season
Are you starting up your cooling tower soon? Use the Jaytech start up guide and checklist for a worry free start up this season!
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