Reviving a Healthcare Facility: How Jaytech Transforms the Way We Care
For the Healthcare industry, being in the business of taking care of people, water treatment is paramount.
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Coil Cleaner
Tired of weak coil cleaners? We have the solution.
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Hydronic Additive
Our hydronic additive is a Power House for adding efficiency. Our flyer below highlights many of the benefits and some of the case studies showing ROI and system impact.
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Stay on top of the bacterial contamination levels in your system with dipslide testing from Jaytech. These couldn't be easier to use and Jaytech's in house lab has you covered once the dipslide is used.
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Good Things Come In Small Packages
Overall, drip pan tabs are a valuable tool for maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of air handlers and refrigeration units, and can help to prevent a range of issues caused by microbial growth and clogs.
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Learn all about Legionella and the new rapid response method available at Jaytech.
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Achieving Sustainability Through Industrial Water Treatment Solutions.
Our team of experts always strives for system efficiency, ensuring that our water treatment solutions not only meet the highest quality standards to save you money but also help preserve the environment.
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Cooling Tower Filtration
Is your cooling tower an important part of your business operations? Make sure you are getting maximum efficiency and longevity of system life with proper cooling tower water treatment and regular service.
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Cooling Tower Start Up Season
Are you starting up your cooling tower soon? Use the Jaytech start up guide and checklist for a worry free start up this season!
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Cooling Tower Water Treatment

What is Cooling Tower Water Treatment?  

Open recirculating systems (cooling towers, fluid coolers, evaporative condensers, etc) have multiple water treatment needs.  Heat transfer surfaces are susceptible to corrosion, fouling, microbial excursions, and scale deposits. Cooling To...

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Steam Boiler Water Treatment
Do you have a steam boiler system? Make sure you are getting maximum efficiency and heat transfer with proper steam boiler water treatment and regular service.
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Closed Loop Water Treatment

Do you have a closed loop system? Make sure you are getting maximum efficiency and heat transfer with proper closed loop water treatment and regular testing.

What is Closed Loop Treatment? 

Closed loop systems are water systems engineered for heat transfer.  Closed loop systems must be dosed...

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Cooling Tower Passivation
What is Cooling Tower Passivation? Jaytech's Technical Director and CWT, Nate Woodrum, explains the importance of proper cooling tower passivation.
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