Automated Boiler Blowdown 

What is a Boiler Blowdown? 

Boiler blowdown is a process of removing impurities, such as dissolved solids and sludge, from the water within a boiler system. 


In a boiler, water is heated to produce steam, and during this process, impurities can accumulate in the water. These impurities...

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Many people use glycol in their water treatment, but how much do you know about this important chemical? Are you using the correct inhibitor? Does your water have special needs? Let’s talk about Glycol!
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Boil Out 101

When commissioning a new Steam Boiler Unit or a Boiler just being retubed, it is imperative to perform a “Boil Out” procedure before placing the system into service. Generally, this is done following initial start-up, but can be performed beforehand. Unfortunately, boiler manufacturers do not perfor...

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Pumps and Chemical Feed Equipment 

What is chemical feed equipment?

Whether your system requires a basic or complex water treatment plan, somehow you need a reliable way to monitor, adjust, and deliver your chemistries to your system at the accurate dosage continually. There are several types of equipment that can make up your water t...

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Secondary Chemical Containment Tanks
Secondary Chemical Containment Tanks are an effortless addition to your water treatment program that instantly improve your safety and chemical monitoring ease.
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Filtration Solutions
Our goal is to keep you up and running with reduced chemical degradation, and clogging.
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Sample Coolers
More accurate test results and safer sample retrieval with a simple Sample Cooler.
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Cooling Tower Shut Down
Executing a proper layup procedure aimed at safeguarding cooling tower systems from scale formation, dissolved solids, and debris accumulation that can compromise operational integrity and longevity.
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LEED Credits with Jaytech

We believe in leaving things better than how we found them, Integrity is one of our values and it shows in our clean energy efforts. By focusing on water conservation and efficiency we not only save our clients money, but we leave the world a better, greener place. 

Our unique product lines, inn...

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Corrosion Coupons
Why take chances when the solution is so simple? One of the best ways to ensure your water treatment is fighting corrosion is with this easy and inexpensive tool. Test results yield what is going on inside the areas with metal surfaces that we can't see.
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Magnetic Filtration
If you are looking for a filtration solution, Magnetic Filtration might be what you’re looking for. With a one time start up cost and reusable components, magnetic filtration is an easy win.
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Remote Monitoring
Learn about the many benefits of upgrading to remote monitoring. Improve efficiency, reaction time, and more with wireless access and automated functionality from anywhere.
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Protect Your Plumbing: The Importance of a Condensate Neutralizer
Learn the vital reasons behind the necessity of a condensate neutralizer. Protect your plumbing, environment, and comply with regulations.
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Simplicity: Jaytech's Ultra Concentrate Line
Our Ultra Concentrate line is here! Save space, safety, and reduce package waste. Keep it Simple with Simplicity!
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Optimizing Water Treatment: Jaytech's Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency and Long-Term Performance
Jaytech successfully mitigated corrosion-related issues resulting in the system's overall health significantly improving, accompanied by a notable enhancement in heat transfer efficiency and system clarity.
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Evaporation Credits
Looking to save money and reduce your water usage numbers? Looking for additional LEED credits? Evaporation credits may be an easy win you could be taking advantage of.
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Wet vs Dry Layup; Steam Boiler Systems
It’s that time of year, how are you laying up your system? Jaytech experts recommend two versions of a layup. Make sure your system is laid up correctly by working with an expert.
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Reviving a Healthcare Facility: How Jaytech Transforms the Way We Care
For the Healthcare industry, being in the business of taking care of people, water treatment is paramount.
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Coil Cleaner
Tired of weak coil cleaners? We have the solution.
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Hydronic Additive
Our hydronic additive is a Power House for adding efficiency. Our flyer below highlights many of the benefits and some of the case studies showing ROI and system impact.
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